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Online Payday Loans

Earned but unused vacation leave credits in excess of the 262. Employees should ensure that accurate records of vacation and furlough leave are maintained so that Payday advance may authorize cash payments for accumulated leave credits on termination of employment or death. Where NRC is satisfied that an employee is unable to perform the assigned duties because of sickness or injury, NRC may grant that employee, for a total period not in excess of three (3) years:NRC may grant an employee special leave with pay not otherwise provided for in these terms and conditions of employment in whatever amount NRC considers appropriate.

Up to half a day of reasonable time off with pay will be granted to pregnant employees for the payday advance of attending routine medical appointments. Where a series of continuing appointments are necessary for the treatment of a particular condition relating to payday advance pregnancy, absences shall be charged to sick leave.

An employee who becomes pregnant shall, payday advance request, be granted maternity leave without pay for a period beginning before, on or after the termination date of pregnancy and ending not later than seventeen (17) weeks after the termination date of pregnancy.

The extension described in sub-clause A. At its discretion, the Council may require an employee to submit a medical certificate certifying pregnancy. For purposes of this clause, illness or injury as defined in the Sick Leave Article shall include medical disability related to pregnancy. An employee shall inform the Council in writing of her plans for taking leave with and without pay to cover her absence from work due to the pregnancy at least four (4) weeks in advance of the initial date of continuous leave of absence during which termination of pregnancy is expected to occur.

Time spent on such leave shall be counted for pay increment purposes. An employee who has been granted maternity leave without pay shall be paid a maternity allowance in accordance with the terms of online loans the Supplemental Unemployment Benefit (SUB) Plan described in paragraph A. Adjustments will be made once the employee provides proof of receipt of Employment Insurance pregnancy benefits. The maternity allowance to which an employee is entitled is limited to that provided in paragraph A.

The weekly rate of pay referred to in paragraph A. Where an employee becomes eligible for a pay increment or pay revision while in receipt of the maternity allowance, the allowance shall be adjusted accordingly. An employee shall be paid an allowance under this clause and under the Maternity Allowance clause for a combined period of no more than the number of weeks during which she would have been eligible for pregnancy benefits pursuant to section 22 of the EI Act had she not been disqualified from EI maternity benefits for the reasons described in sub-clause A.

Dependent upon the particular circumstances of the request, the Council may obtain an independent medical opinion. An employee who has made a request under clause A. However, such leave shall end no later than twenty-four (24) weeks after the birth. Such notice must be accompanied by a new medical certificate. An employee who becomes a parent through the birth of a child (including the new-born child of a common-law spouse) or the adoption of a child below the age online loans of majority shall, upon request, be granted parental leave without pay for a single period of up to thirty-five (35) consecutive weeks, or thirty-seven (37) consecutive weeks where the employee is subject to a waiting period referred to in A.

Parental leave without pay taken by a couple employed in the Public Service shall not exceed a total of thirty-five (35) weeks, or thirty-seven (37) weeks where they are subject to a waiting period referred to in A.

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